A conversation about urban design and New York's transformation over the past decade, with Alex Garvin, Michael Sorkin, and Rosalie Genevro.

In conversation with Paul Goldberger, architecture critic of The New Yorker, Doctoroff will discuss the accomplishments and disappointments of his tenure, and the challenges facing the city looking forward from 2010.

Paul Goldberger, architecture critic of The New Yorker, will engage commissioners Adrian Benepe (Parks), Amanda Burden (Planning), and David Burney (Design and Construction) in a discussion about how they have made design integral to the work of their departments; what today’s stringent fiscal constraints portend for the continuation of their efforts and the preservation of what they have already created; and what their agendas promise for the mayor’s final term.

How has a policy of emphasizing design quality influenced the planning for, commissioning of, and shape of public architecture during the past six years?

This program will examine the creation, development, and architectural expression of the libraries, as well as overarching issues such as the benefits and difficulties of this kind of public/private partnership; the role of libraries in education in the digital age; and the role of design in educational environments.